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Here at Murphy Surveys, we don’t just provide mapping on land, we also offer hydrographic services.  Simply put, hydrography deals with the measurement and description of physical features of bodies of water.  Hydrographic surveys are imperative for projects like building fisheries or putting electric cables under the water.  We provide these services for municipal and government clients, as well as industrial clients.  Using a side-scan sonar system, we are able to conduct surveys like:

  • Aquaculture Surveys:  These surveys are required for things like getting a lease from the DNR, which is needed before you can rent for fisheries. 

  • Bathymetric Surveys:  This type of survey is used when someone has a reason to see what the water floor looks like.  It’s essentially the underwater equivalent of a topography survey and is used for tasks like putting electric cables under the water and more. 

Are you ready to see what we can do for all your hydrography needs?  If so, contact Murphy Surveys today.


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